Metro rides, productivity, an infanticidal Christmas story (fun?), parking lots, and terrorism again.
Identity Projects / Things Seen
Nazi plaques, IP law, Emmanuel Macron, and the sanctity of the French dinner table.
How Not to Cross a Border
Feather is a student at the University of Toronto. We met in Medyka, a town on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where she had been assisting with the…
Chipped Teeth
On literature, rape culture, pedophilia, and feminism in France.
Shock Therapy
Neo-Nazi Dreamland
Placemats I Regret Not Stealing
Oliver is a traveller and former banker from Belgium. We met in Medyka, a village on the Polish-Ukrainian border, where we were volunteering with the…
In September, I skirted international guidelines to move my life from Canada to France. Praying I come down on Dunning-Kruger's good side.